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Help your customers help you streamline your front-end engineering​

PCBflow streamlines your project onboarding process by letting you and your customers easily run DFM tests on their design with a few simple clicks.​

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Improves yield​.

Easy to use — nothing to install, configure once, use for all your customers​.

Reduce customers' onboarding time​.

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How it Works

As a Manufacturer, you can now share manufacturing knowledge with your customers to ensure prevalidated designs are recieved from your customers.

New project integration made faster and easier

With PCBflow, your customers can now easily run manufacturability tests on their designs based on your company's fabrication abilities and constraints with just a few simple clicks, even if they're working remotely from home! Significantly reduce customer design spins and redundant technical interactions by having your customers run our Valor-NPI-based analysis on their boards before they're sent to you.​

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430 DFM Reports
1,240 Critical Issues Found
1,500 Grippers

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