Accelerate Production Reduce Cost

Improve collaboration with designers and receive only manufacturable designs from your customers


Registered patent technology

How it works


Let  your customers run automated DFM analyses with your most
up-to-date classification sets

Our secure cloud servers will make sure your IP is safe

Find manufacturability design violations based on your classification set

Powered by vNPI DFM Engine



Effectively collaborate with your customers in the design stage

Save time for both you and your customers

Run the analysis as many times as you like, and share the results securely


Making DFM Accessible For Any Business Size

From home garage to enterprise - PCBflow makes it a breeze to certify designs for manufacturing


can now Shift-Right product models optimized for manufacturing, streamlining the design to manufacturing hand off

can now Shift-Left manufacturing
knowledge into the design
domain,ensuring first-time-right manufacturing




Fully automated DFM based on your classification sets

Customers detect and fix DFM before sending the designs to you

Powered by Valor NPI

Customer performs iterations without involving you, creating a leaner, faster process

How can PCB flow benefit my business?

  • PCBflow streamlines manufacturers’ project onboarding process by letting them and their customers easily run DFM tests on the design with few simple clicks.
  • PCBflow saves time :
    • Manufacturers’ capabilities communicated electronically, eliminating time required for lengthy email or phone exchanges.
    • With your specific capabilities built into PCBflow, designers can ensure manufacturability, saving you precious time.
  • Collaboration space :
    • Get feedback in real-time and in context
    • Making your manufacturing knowledge available to designers builds teamwork and collaboration which results in fewer call backs.

can manufacturers trust pcbflow to keep their set of constraints secured?

  • Yes, customer access to your process capabilities is controlled and safe, all files are stored in highly secured cloud environment that complies with the best security standards and audited by Siemens.

What file format can I use with PCB flow?

  • PCBflow uses ODB++ Design, an intelligent data format that contains all the data necessary to fabricate and assemble your PCB in a single data structure, while the Gerber format must be reverse-engineered by manufacturers through a tedious and error-prone process as a prerequisite for getting reliable DFM analysis.
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