Accessible DFM for all business sizes – from small businesses to enterprise.

PCBflow makes mature designs

Create more mature designs

Get immediate feedback on design errors and violations, earlier in the process

PCBflow instant design qualifications

Own the process

Conduct instant PCB design qualification to know exactly where you are before approaching EMSs

PCbflow reduces costs

Cut costs

Perform early design validation for fewer board spins and iterations, faster time to market, and reduced costs

PCBflow is secure

Protect your IP

Enjoy the security standards of Siemens software, run your DFM in a secured cloud environment

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How it works

How PCBflow works
How PCBflow works

Upload a PCB board design

Run validation against thousands of rules

Receive design error report containing errors, violations and warnings

Correct your design and upload to verify


PCBflow is fully automated

Fully automated DFM

PCBflow runs multiple DFM on design

Multiple DFM runs throughout the design

PCBflow creates detailed errors report

Detailed DFM errors and violations report that you can act on


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