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Online DFM

DFM Report that is smart, simple, and self-explanatory.
Concise reports that include filtering, statistics, summary tables, and error grouping guide the user through the error-fixing process. The tool is powered by the Valor NPI engine, an industry standard for DFM analysis, and requires no installation or configuration.

BOM Sourcing and Pricing

Mitigate BOM sourcing risks, powered by SupplyFrame, gives users access to component sourcing data from over 80 vendors, including pricing, availability, compliance, and lifecycle data. Long-lead products, obsolete/alternative components, and second vendors are all examples of sourcing risks that can be identified and mitigated in real time.

PCBflow BOM sourcing provides the latest part availability information from preferred suppliers.

  • Minimum quantity: Compare the required quantity to the MOQ.
  • Alternative components: PCBflow offers a variety of substitutes and its suppliers.
  • Obsolete items: When a certain component is crucial, and it is in risk – PCBflow helps find an alternative in advance – with just a click! 

Operation team can view the suggested alternatives and choose from it.

Collaboration Space

Connect with your manufacturer to do a DFM study based on their manufacturing capabilities and obtain feedback on design flaws. With no IT investment, PCBflow enables a safe, cloud-based collaborative environment. Share ODB++ design files to eliminate errors and shorten the time it takes to analyze other legacy formats.

  • Connect with and contact your manufacturer.

  • Converse with your manufacturer about your analysis results, specific to their DFM profile.

  • Share your project data and reports.

  • Create and store unlimited projects.

  • Review your DFM results any time from any location.

Customer Success

Our customers achieve measurable results utilizing our solutions across many industries. Read their success stories to learn more about how our solutions helped them solve their business challenges. 

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