Online DFM Solution

Accelerate Production, Reduce Costs, Improve collaboration with designers and receive only manufacturable designs from your customers

Secure Online DFM.

DFM Report that is smart, simple, and self-explanatory.

Affordable, powerful, fast DFM available from anywhere, always. Check your design early to manufacture right the first time.

PCBflow reliably reports design faults that can cause problems during fabrication and assembly, based on real-world manufacturing capabilities. View results in our online board viewer or download to PDF format. Concise report includes critical violation highlights, filtering, summary tables and actionable suggestions for mitigation.

PCBflow is powered by ValorNPI, the leading industry DFM provider, and requires no installation or configuration. Easily upload and preview your designs in a wide range of formats, including ODB++, IPC2581, Gerber 274x and other common EDA formats. All designs are converted to ODB++ format and stored on PCBflow free of charge.

For Assembly DFM, we merge accurate part geometry provided by Valor Parts Library into your design, to provide comprehensive placement and solderability analysis.

PCBflow customers can:

  • Easily and securely upload PCB designs from a wide range of formats.
    Use the intuitive PCBflow DFM analysis workflow to run DFM
  • Select your preferred manufacturer and use their DFM rules, or fast-track DFM using Siemens default rule set.
  • Review your results in our online viewer
  • Share your projects easily and securely for direct collaboration with your manufacturer.

BOM Sourcing and Pricing.

Mitigate BOM sourcing risks. Powered by SupplyFrame, PCBflow provides instant access to component sourcing data from over 80 vendors, including pricing, availability, compliance, and lifecycle data. Long-lead products, obsolete/alternative components, and second vendors are all examples of sourcing risks that can be identified and mitigated in real time.
PCBflow BOM sourcing provides the latest part availability information from preferred suppliers.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: Compare the required quantity to the MOQ.
  • Alternative components: We suggest component substitutes and their suppliers.
  • Obsolete items: When a component is crucial, and it is in risk – PCBflow helps find an alternative in advance – with just a click!
  • View suggested component alternatives and easily make substitutions where needed.

Quick Pricing powered by Boardera.

Designers can now immediately get an accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of any design, simply by requesting a QuickPrice from within PCBflow. This feature enables any PCB manufacturer to create a proprietary pricing model via the Boardera online platform, which will then qualify them as QuickPrice providers within PCBflow.

Secure Collaboration Space.

Connect with your manufacturer to perform DFM based on their manufacturing capabilities and obtain feedback on design flaws early. With no IT investment, PCBflow enables a safe, cloud-based collaborative environment. Share ODB++ design files created by PCBflow to eliminate manufacture errors and shorten time to market. Your data is stored securely and only you decide who can share it.

  • Connect with and contact your manufacturer.
  • Converse with your manufacturer about your analysis results, specific to their DFM profile.
  • Securely share your project data and reports.
  • Create and store unlimited projects.
  • Review your DFM results any time from any location.

Customer Success.

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