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Our secure cloud servers will make sure your IP is safe

Choose your manufacturer's or industry standard manufacturing capabilities

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Bring your product to market faster at a higher quality, without  waiting for the manufacturer to qualify your design

Collaborate to create a more mature design

Securely perform DFM analyses while still in the design phase


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Making DFM Accessible For Any Business Size

From home startup to enterprise - PCBflow makes it a breeze to certify designs for manufacturing.


Shift-Right product models optimized for manufacturing, streamlining the design to manufacturing hand off.

Shift-Left manufacturing knowledge into the design
domain, ensuring first-time-right manufacturing.


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Showcasing PCBflow Interactive Board Viewer.

PCBflow is a virtual collaboration space for all stakeholders in the PCB lifecycle

Your account meets strict Siemens security standards and uses a unique key to grant access only to authorized users

Connect with and contact your manufacturer

Converse with your manufacturer about your analysis results, specific to their DFM profile

Share your project data and reports

Create and store unlimited projects

Review your DFM results any time from any location

Navigate the board to examine the context of design flaws

Display all board layers.

Navigate between DFM results, search for specific results by category name.

Expandable/collapsible DFM results listed by topic.

Selecting DFM result from list will automatically zoom & display the DFM result in the viewer area.

Easily copy x-y coordinate of DFM result or mouse for use in design tool.

Zoom/pan, display/hide layers, select layer color.

Display DFM category explanation.

Here's what people say about us

Layout issues, complicated deals with manufacturers, seemingly unforeseeable errors, streamline and accelerate the DFM process so that these challenges are the exception, not the rule.

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With PCBflow, manufacturers can prevent losses related to false production, reduce repairs by 80% and free up to ~600 engineering and quality hours per year – hours that can be invested in innovation and improvement

Evgeny Makhline, Nistec CTO