Interactively review and investigate DFM results.

Showcasing PCBflow Interactive Board Viewer.

Navigate the board to examine the context of design flaw
* It might take a while to load, we promise it’s worth the wait!


The new interactive PCBflow results report

PCBflow new report presents a new display of all board layers including accurate component footprint powered by Valor Part Library.
The user can easily navigate between DFM results, search for specific results by category name.

  • Expandable/collapsible DFM results listed by topic
  • Selecting DFM result from list will automatically zoom & display the DFM result in the viewer area
  • Easily copy x-y coordinate of DFM result or mouse for use in design tool
  • Zoom/pan, display/hide layers, select layer color
  • Display DFM category explanation
View PDF Sample Report

Bridging the gap between the ecosystems

PCBflow is a place that brings together PCB designers and manufacturers. It forms a bridge between the ecosystems that addresses the trust issues, but also provides value-add services that accelerate the transition from design to manufacturing.

  • Connect with and contact your manufacturer
  • Converse with your manufacturer about your analysis results, specific to their DFM profile
  • Share your project data and reports
  • Create and store unlimited projects
  • Review your DFM results any time from any location